Law Commission of Ontario Power of Attorney Reforms

Law Commission of Ontario makes recommendations regarding Powers of Attorney   The Law Commission of Ontario (“LCO”) has released its report about Power of Attorney documents and their [...]


Copyright Notice Letters Turn Into Demand Letters

Thousands of students at the University of Manitoba have been receiving copyright infringement notices asking them to pay settlement offers. They are just the latest Canadian Internet users to [...]


Loans and Advancements to Children and Your Estate

Introduction If you give money to one of your children during your lifetime, you could be reducing that child’s entitlement under your will. Loans might be expected to be repaid to the estate and [...]


The Rule Against Accumulations in Ontario

Introduction The rule against accumulations sets a time limit on the period during which income can be added to the original capital created by a settlement or the disposition of property, such [...]


Can an executor be removed without a court order?

In Ontario, an estate trustee (or “executor”) can be removed for a number of reasons, but if the executor has already begun to administer the estate, a court order is required.   Application [...]


Must you act as an executor?

Introduction It can be an honour to be named as an estate trustee (“executor”) in a will, but administering an estate in Ontario can be a time-consuming burden. If, however, you do not want to [...]


In Ontario Two Wills are Better than One

Lawyers are notorious for making things more complicated than necessary.  “A lawyer is a person who writes a 10,000-word document and calls it a ‘brief” said Franz Kafka. You ask your [...]


Warning to Ontario Lawyers of an Email Scam

Burton Dustin knows fraud is “messed up, right?” We received the following email on April 13th, 2016: From: Burton Dustin <burtondustin006@gmail.com> Reason of consultation: am in need of [...]


Terminate a Lease in Ontario

If you are a commercial landlord in Ontario and your tenant has defaulted under the lease agreement, you may be able to terminate the lease. (Your tenant can also terminate the lease if it has [...]


If the Tenant has Not Paid the Rent: Do Distress

If you are a landlord in Ontario and your commercial tenant has not paid the rent, you might consider using the remedy of distress, which allows you to seize the tenant’s goods and chattels to [...]

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